Hello I will describe your Furry character in semirealistic or anime form. You will receive: - 1 character's full body - Include source file - Printable resolution file - Include colors on illustration - Include entire body on illustration - Background not included I will provide DIGITAL FILE links of the original high-resolution artwork (usually 300dpi with canvas size A4 or 3508 x 2480 pixels). We're not sending you the physical one. Please chat me first before placing an order. You can also make other additional purchases following the link below: - Revision and Copyright: https://ainems.com/colab/omni_sales/omni_sales_client/index/1/9/0 - Weapon and Accesoris: https://ainems.com/colab/omni_sales/omni_sales_client/detailt/37 - Part Body: https://ainems.com/colab/omni_sales/omni_sales_client/detailt/38 - Background: https://ainems.com/colab/omni_sales/omni_sales_client/detailt/39

Price: $40.00